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Professional speakers are like actors on stage, they  perform to sell an idea or product to their audience with their voice, facial expression and gestures.  They demonstrate their enthusiasm with showmanship not just by reading their speech or delivering a carefully memorized one in a dreary monotone, but in a passionate rendition that will trigger the same response from their  audience.

In public speaking, it is the voice that should be most of all commanding.  It should be clear and loud enough to be heard by the farthest of audience in the room or hall where you are speaking. Nothing is more frustrating for an audience than having to strain their ears to hear a speaker who whisper, mumble or stutter and having to pucker their foreheads to try to understand  their perplexing diction.

Your listeners expect and deserve to hear and understand you.

Practice delivering your speech before the actual presentation and record it and listen to yourself.  If  it is not what you would like to listen to, then improve on it. Practice more, aim to be understood clearly, pronounce your words well and pause to stress  a  point.  Make use of  pauses, to cover up your , “ah” moments.  Practice on your voice modulation after you’re sure you can deliver your speech distinctly.

While on stage, refrain from delivering  your speech with  a monotone, nothing can surpass it to make your audience drowse off  quickly.  Infuse your talk with passion, be exuberant, be excited by lilts in your voice with  facial expression and gestures to match it.  Don’t overdo it though, temper it with moderation and just the right decorum, so you will not lose your credibility with your audience.

Learn how to use your  vocal chords to make it sound commanding and authoritative, then cajoling and sweet alternately  to make your presentation animated to engage your audience. You don’t want to sit through a dull, monotonous speech do you?  So, be kind to your audience and give them something worth their while.

Not all great speakers  are born with great voices, but they learned to improve their voices by vocal exercises  and  constant practice.  So, follow what they are doing,  rehearse often and exercise your vocal chords  to make your voice come out loud and clear, then learn how to modulate to make it pleasing to your audience’s ears.

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Do you like to know how to win over the trust of your audience within minutes of your presentation and  convert it to generate sales?

It is a fact of human nature that persons who share a common bond, like each other and they believe and trust those who are similar to them.  Think of the phrase, “Birds of the same feathers, flock together.”

When a person is well liked and trustworthy, customers will naturally gather to buy from them. If your audience however senses that you can not be trusted, they won’t hand over their hard earned money to you, even if you had just presented a faultless sales presentation.

There are persons who just don’t appear to be likeable and if you happen to belong unfortunately to this group, it is wise to work hard  on improving your personality because a pleasing personality  is very important in the speaking industry.

There are speakers are not very charming but still manage to produce sales and are successful because of characteristics that instill trust and confidence. By emphasizing  the usefulness,  benefits and savings that the audience can derive from their product or service, the audience will be convinced to buy what they are selling. When they offer solutions to their customers’ needs, then they will have  an assured sale.

You don’t need to be a social extrovert to succeed and remain in this field for a long time,   a pleasing personality that inspires trust can go a long way.

In order to connect with your audience,  find out before your sales presentation who your listeners will be and pattern your delivery in an approach that will be in accord to their social standards and values.

It is characteristic for persons to think that if  your values and perceptions are similar to their own, then you can be trusted as a friend.

When your audience are family oriented, the most easy way to make them like and trust you is telling them about your family’s experiences and values.

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Finally the time has come to package your knowledge, skills and expertise into a product or system that you want to  sell from the stage with the hope of producing huge passive earnings. Am I right?

First of all, you must understand that your initial product will not be perfect. Don’t delay on it’s launching for reasons that you don’t have  technical gadgets like a camera or tape recorder or your writer or graphic artist is on vacation. There are others who can finish the  project,  modify it afterwards.

Many current products that are being sold are revisions of the first products that have been restructured up to four times.  Which  means to say that the first products did not meet the standards, but were just GOOD  ENOUGH to sell and market at that time.  If you will receive a lot of returns because of quality complaints then it is an indication from your market  that you need to improve your product.

What  do you want to produce?

Do you wish to produce a plug and play, business in a box or informational  products on DVDs, CDs, workbooks and transcripts?

Businesses in a box are three times more saleable than informational products for the sole reason that the customer doesn’t have much work to do because they are not literally buying a box full of books that they have to read, but they are purchasing the result of informational products  that is proven to give them better operational systems,  increase profitability  etc.  This kind of product needs a lot of work, though because you need to prove it’s successful implementation and then write down the procedure.

The easiest initial product or service that you can make are informational products about things you are knowledgeable or  passionate about.  Market them in workbooks, transcript, DVDs, or  CDs.

Making a Convincing Offer

How will you package your product or service  in the most convincing manner to be able to sell it from the stage?

You have to ask yourself these questions: what is currently selling in the market, is it a product or service? At what price am I gauging it against? Is there a guarantee being offered?

Make an honest assessment, then ask yourself if your offer is convincing enough for your audience.

To make your product MORE convincing to offer from the stage, here are some tips:

Offer more value: Teleseminars, downloadable MP3s, online video tuturials, membership sites are thought of as expensive but has a low cost of delivery

Put your services together: To make a BIG package of your services like if you are a consultant, package your service to a monthly fee of $5,000 per month as a “Complete Business Turnaround Package” with unlimited access to your service rather  than offering your service for a daily cost of $1,500.

Convert your knowledge into a “home study package”:  Record them in CDs, DVDs or other current media and make use of virtual assistants to assist you.

-Offer  a  guarantee:  To  make it less of a risk for your buyers offer  a one (1) year guarantee, your money back guarantee, product satisfaction guarantee etc.

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You just ended your sales presentation and nobody is interested to buy them, what do you do?

Don’t panic, chances are you failed to connect with your  audience and just pushed through with your speech without taking them into consideration.

Do a quick back pedal and ask, “Were you with me?”  or “Do you want me to clarify some issues?  Do something to break the resistance wall that you just ignored while you run through your presentation.

Selling from the stage is a tough job of  connecting to many individuals with varied motives for being there.  So, it is important that before you stand  behind the podium and start your sales pitch, you have already researched the type of audience you have and if you have time, mingle with them for a while and start  a conversation to try a get a “feel”  of your audience, and in that way you are not a complete stranger to them which is one reason why your audience build up a wall of resistance.

Having established contact, you can use the  names of a few you’ve met, to engage them in your talk by  using them as an example. Your audience will connect with you if someone they know is used as a case study because they can relate to the person and will be more receptive to you.

In making a sales presentation on stage, stress  the benefits that they would likely lose if they hesitate to take the opportunity of making an immediate decision.

Give them the options of buying now instead of later when the sale or promotion is over, quantify the amount they can save now.  Cite the inflation rate, currency fluctuation or market supply and demand forces that will affect the current promotional price that you are offering.  

Buyers or investors are driven with their desire to acquire something that will be profitable over time and letting them see how it can be financially advantageous for them will be a good push to make them decide.  If they can clearly see the disparity of the price and the loss of benefits if they hesitate to buy at the present price, then chances are they will be amenable to your offer. 

Closing a sales presentation whether on stage or not is about making a decision that will make your audience agree too.

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Professional speakers are looked up to, because of their expertise in their field and with it comes a responsibility to dress up and act the part wherever they go.

Dressing appropriately for every occasion is important for professional speakers because unknowingly or unintentionally it will  reflect on their credibility and professionalism based on human nature’s propensity to judge people by their outward appearance and behavior.

Their wardrobe need not consist only of boring suits and ties for men or blazers  and slacks/dresses/skirts for women. What is important is that they look good and act respectably always, whatever the function or occasion they are attending in public. For what good will a good outfit do if you are uncouth in manners?

Being away from the stage without a speaking engagement does not mean they don’t have to  take care of their personal appearance, hygiene and manners anymore. Professional speakers at all times should be conscious of how they project themselves to people who are their audience.

Even though it is not good to judge a person by the clothes they wear, it is a sad fact that we do gauge a person’s personality by their attire. It has been proven that someone who is  well-dressed and polite gets preferential treatment over another who is  also in good clothes but is rude, and much more so over someone who is unkempt.

Human nature judges the status of a person by their attires and demeanor  and associate it with social status, position, educational attainment and breeding. Professional speakers especially those who have gained popularity and are therefore easily recognizable should then be conscious of this social behavior and set an example for younger, upcoming speakers.

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