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Reading is my favorite past time and writing comes in a close second if  I’m not creating something from a recyclable item or just any craft that conjures that imaginary bulb to pop up in my mind and makes my creative juices flowing.

Writing makes me learn of  new things I wouldn’t have known if  I was not being paid to write about a subject.

I will admit I’m not at all techie about cellphones, smartphones, apps, iPads, laptops or whatever my young nieces, nephew and yuppies are raving about.  This for me is just plain commercialism, technical advancement growing so fast you have to dispose what is just barely old to purchase something new to keep up with the fad.

The folly of youth, not yet learning how to value money and save while they are still young enough to earn much. Oh well, they have to learn how to pull themselves out from their own sand pits, although parents and aunties are just an arm away to pull them up if needed and summoned.

Anyways, I was going to write about the joys of  writing not about the perils of  youthful spending on technical gadgets.

So here goes, last year without meaning to, I learned vicariously about  QR codes, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft’s 2011 Christmas promo the new horoscope date, spas, esoteric studies, Australian recipes and now about GPS tracking devices and sales coaching.

Oh my, how wonderful to be able to spin words and come up with something worth reading without actually being an expert on it. Although it takes me a lot of  time to compose an article after reading 5-10 references to be credible enough and know how to cite references to pass Copyscape, it is exhilarating after I finally finish my write-up and someone appreciates my efforts and pays me for it!

Aside from the monetary pleasure, though writing like reading broadens up the four corners of  my room, leading me into a world that was once virtually unknown to something I already know and enjoy.  Although, I’m still not a convert to the techie gadget’s fans club, nor have I turned into a sales guru ( haha … wishful thinking ) I am now conversant with many things, well at least the subjects I had the opportunity to write about.

Writing stretches and flexes my 50 plus brain cells and gray matter to make it supple enough to remember the almost forgotten English vocabulary, spelling, grammar lessons, idioms, metaphors I learned more than 30 years ago.  The punctuation rules is a dim memory, unfortunately.

Aye,  writing is an exercise of  the brain to fend off  the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease just like doing crossword puzzles and Rubik’s cube.

Okay, I’m done with my brain exercise for the day, till next time …

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After years of throwing garbage indiscriminately, residents of  the Philippines in Metro Manila and other provinces that were affected by the deluge last week, experienced nature’s backlash when it vomitted back to land the thrash dumped into its waterways.

Unless we change our “nimby” (not in my back yard) attitude in disposing our solid wastes, floods caused by garbage clogging up our rivers and  canals will be a perennial problem everywhere. Garbage thrown into waterways from one area will be washed up into other shores and vice versa. What comes around, goes around.

Why have we not changed our ways after experiencing so many floods and witnessing the mounds of debris and trash washed up on shores,  stocked on the streets and sometimes left hanging on trees and woodpoles?  Are we not supposed to learn from our experiences? Or don’t we realize that nature like our human bodies expel what it can no longer process?

Nature has its ability to recycle and decompose solid wastes, but if it exceeds its carrying capacity then the outnumbered decomposers who I imagine are stuffed up to their gills and overworked with munching through mounds of garbage can not keep up with the increasing supply however tempting to their taste it may be. So, tons of garbage are left floating around to be washed up on shores during inappropriate times.

Add up the plastic materials that are not easily degradable and are just thrown away without thinking of  its impact when it clog up culverts and canals preventing rainwater to flow where it is supposed to flow, a catch basin of garbage is collected. What a sight  it is to see, how smelly, how icky! Still, it has to be cleaned up and disposed properly by street cleaners and concerned volunteers, until the next heavy rain comes and another cycle begins, not unless we already understood the dynamics of nature during a respite and dispose our garbage in the right way, because it is true that what comes around, goes around.

What man throws to nature, nature throws back to man. Man, you ought to clean up your act!    

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Rain, rain go away

Come again another day …

This is the kindergarten song that I hummed yesterday as I anxiously prayed while watching the TV coverage of the flood inundating several coastal towns and cities in Metro Manila and nearby provinces in the Philippines.

… Little children want to play

Although, there were children and adults in some flooded areas who were playing, swimming and diving as if the murky waters were  swimming pools, I could not help worrying about the threat of Leptospirosis ( a bacterial disease caused by floodwaters contaminated with urine of animals infected with the Leptospira bacteria that can damage the kidney, inflame the membrane around the brain and spinal cord (meningitis), failure of  the liver,  distress of the respiratory system that might lead to death if untreated)  to these innocent fun seekers even in the midst of a terrible disaster.

The heavy rain triggered by the summer monsoon became a deluge due to the effect of Tropical storm Haikui which made a landfall in China on Wednesday morning.  What if  the storm was in the Philippines?  The damage would have been horrendous  and terrifying to imagine!  With this grace, I thank God for sparing the Philippines from a more terrible destruction to property, agricultural products and loss of lives.

Once again, questions on what caused this unprecedented deluge come to mind as you see tons of garbage floating in rivers and estuaries, landslides in mountains sprouting houses instead of trees, housing development in flood prone areas, etc. When will we ever learn to live harmoniously with nature?

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Anti-teenage pregnancy III

Teenage pregnancy was a topic mentioned in passing over meals when heard  over  the radio or TV or when I saw young daughters of neighbors suddenly having babies without husbands. But, when the household help said her epileptic, 19 yrs. old daughter is almost five months on the way when I asked how her youngest daughter was, I was so indignant and felt very sorry for the poor, unsuspecting mother who is  the sole bread winner of her family.

What is it of teenagers nowadays specially those in the low income bracket that makes them so liberated with sexual favors to almost unknown partners?  In our subdivision, two young daughters of families who are not homeowners (they are just living in the house or lot owned by relatives) was impregnated by their text mates when they first met personally!  And they are not the only ones either nationwide, it seems teenage pregnancy is on the rise!  I can only shake my head in consternation and be saddened for the parents, especially those who are laboring so hard to send them to school and provide them with their needs and caprices like cell phones.

In the case of our helper, she said in their neighborhood (a squatter’s area), there are two other  young girls, all friends of her daughter who are also pregnant without fathers! And they all come from families who hardly have enough for themselves, what a miserable cycle!

Is it a trend among less advantaged teenagers?  In school dropouts? Is something going wrong with our society’s morals and values for them to submit easily to this situation without thinking of their child’s future?

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