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Ancient men were  sensitive to the natural energy  flow of  nature  and the universe back when they   only have primitive tools like the plow,  arrow and spear as tools in helping them  with their survival and daily sustenance.

Working with oneness, that is  being conscious that man is interconnected to other  creatures  at that time was intrinsic for survival, but as men evolved and adapted to a rapidly changing world driven by materialism, they  lost their sensitivity to their environment and the natural rhythm of life.

As population increased, and men’s intelligence advanced, modernization and industrialization were deemed necessary  to help them cope with the increasing demands on their  time to provide food, clothing, shelter and education for their family and to make their  life more comfortable.  The  drive for social, intellectual and material advancement  wedged a  gap between men and nature.  Feeling superior to other creatures and the wrong misconception of stewardship, men took advantage of what nature has to offer.

Desecrating and pillaging nature by destroying mountains, forests and rivers  for land development and industrialization created an imbalance in the environment that soon took it’s toll. Air pollution, water pollution, flash floods and other natural catastrophe worsened by men’s activities claimed lives and properties quicker than the years it took to create the imbalance. We are now aware how important working with oneness is essential  for our  survival.

Working with oneness recognizes the feminine role  in  bringing about global healing and transformation because of  her  inherent consciousness of the interconnectivity of life and the presence of the sacred substance of creation in her  which is essential for the generation and regeneration of life.  This connection with the feminine is important for the reemergence of the Anima Mundi, the soul of the world which has been buried by masculine consciousness because the soul is crying out for man’s attention.  The world needs the feminine’s ancient wisdom and understanding of life’s oneness to redeem it.

In 1962, a feminine voice in the person of Rachel Carson who was a Biologist, Writer and Ecologist  wrote, “Silent Spring” to warn the public of the long term effects of misusing pesticides.  Through her book, she challenged the practices of agricultural scientists and the government and called for a change in the way humankind viewed the natural world and the promulgation of  new policies that will protect human health and the environment.  Rachel  Carson, unknowingly took up the feminine role which launched the environmental  movement.

The environmental movement brought to man’s awareness how the environment was being defiled to profit just a few  which is an imbalance by itself in the natural  flow of  things. This brought  about a   shift  in the mindset of some individuals who took up the responsibility of protecting an ecosystem that will be harmed by non sustainable practices in the guise of  economic development.

Environmental laws to mitigate the negative impacts of  anthropogenic activities  on the air, water and land were implemented and monitored by government agencies and non-governmental organizations.  Man’s consciousness of  his oneness with nature and everything in it  was brought to the fore once again.

Working with oneness aims to make men be aware of their  being part of the world’s divine creation,  hoping that with their  increased awareness and consciousness of  their  roles, they will let go of their  egoistic stance and apathetic views to what is happening around them  and take an active role in redeeming the world from the damage and pollution we have inflicted to it.

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the law of attraction

While browsing the internet for opportunities and topics of interest, I discovered by chance Blueprint4Love,  an interesting  blorum (blog and a forum) that discusses topics about  spirituality and love,  subjects that are fascinating for a spiritual trekker like  me.

Reading through the forum posts for the first time especially the articles on spirituality was like being in a library full of books, that you can’t wait to finish reading all at once.

Do you know that there are rituals that you can do during Full Moon and New Moon?  A Full Moon ritual is for taking away all the things that you don’t like in your life like negative energies, situations and even people.  A New Moon ritual is the time to ask or attract people and things into your life that will make you live peacefully.

Have you heard of  these two powerful widgets, Ho’oponopono Cleaning Widget and the Law of Attraction Activator?

The Ho’oponopono Cleansing Widget, is an ancient Hawaiian cleansing process that allows you to open energy flow for yourself, your online business as well as positively affects your website and blog visitors.

The Law of Attraction Activator increases and speeds up the flow of positive energy coming to you. It will draw love and romance to your life, health and wealth, more clients to your business and so much more positive things that will make your energy in a harmonious flow with the universe.

These are all new and strange concepts, but if you are aspiring  for a peaceful, successful and a loving existence in this world, it’s worth a try using them.

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