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Big D Equipment recovered a generator and trailer worth $15,000 that were stolen from a location in Martin County, through GPS tracking devices according to a news report of NewsWest 9 on August 15, 2012.

The GPS tracking devices were installed in Big D Equipment’s oilfield machineries after an escalation of oilfield thefts in the area as a result of the oil boom. The recovery of  stolen goods from oilfield companies was becoming increasingly difficult for law enforcement officers in Martin County to address since they were getting twice as much call load.

Deputy Chance Rainer of the Martin County Sheriff Department was very well pleased with the call he received from Big D Equipment reporting the theft and the location where it can be found which was 400 miles away in Van Zandt County. He said, “Since the boom started, our call load has drastically increased. “I’d say we are getting at least one to two cases a day, like I say this is one of the first ones that I’ve had where we can actually follow up and have some good information as far as GPS to find it.”

The installation of GPS tracking devices by oilfield companies have indeed made it easier and faster for law enforcement officers to recover stolen goods. Before, it was difficult for them to recover stolen oilfield equipment, because most business owners do not keep a record of serial numbers and other important data that will help them in locating and identifying the items  especially if it has been moved very much farther from their area of jurisdiction.

Big D Equipment’s investment on the installation of GPS tracking devices in their oilfield machineries not only prevented the loss of valuable machinery it also made the job easier and faster for law enforcement officers in the area where they have their oilfield location to go after thieves who have no idea that they can now be easily be tracked down and caught red-handed before they can dispose and enjoy the spoils of their ill-begotten wealth.


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