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Breatharianism … huh? That was my first reaction when a friend told me she was changing into another eating lifestyle. Scratching my head, I thought, “wait, I haven’t even gotten into the full swing of being a vegetarian yet and here is something new and even more life changing. For an ignorant me,  being vegetarian was the ultimate sacrifice of turning back from the gastronomic delights I’ve been used to.

Decades ago, I was trying to lose weight  and was battling with a hormonal imbalance and a myoma that made me bleed profusely and was looking into an alternative treatment to avoid a hysterectomy.  A vegetarian doctor friend gave me a list of  food to avoid, I told him, “what can I eat? everything I’m eating is in your list.”  He just gave me a smug smile or was it a smirk and said, “that’s why you’re overweight and sick.”  Ouch … that hurt and pricked my pride!

And so, I embarked on and ON again OFF again foray into the world of vegetarianism. Not eating pork or meat was easy because I don’t really crave for it, but preparing a meal for two with one a carnivorous, whining elderly mother was, and still is a frustrating challenge. Her whining that she was not trying to lose weight and she felt weak if she can’t eat pork or beef once in awhile, made me gave up the cause of vegetarianism then.

But, I’m back again because there is someone else who will prepare the food for us and a younger sister who decided to live with us prefers vegetables than meat too. Alleluia!!!  For a month now, I’m pork free …yehey!!! I was feeling proud of myself when I heard there is another purer, cleaner diet … AIR!  Oh no, this is the ultimate penance for my sins …

Breatharianism or  Inedia is living on air and not even drinking … OH NO,  NO!!!  This can not be … hahaha huhuhu …. I’ll go crazy with nothing to munch on and feel the heaviness in my tummy. Oh sigh, this air diet is not for everyone, this is for special people who wants to expand their consciousness.  Although, I would like to experience this broadening awareness, I prefer to be conscious rather than be unconscious because of hunger.


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My Weight Loss Coach

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Losing weight is a perennial difficult task for people who are “weight challenged.” The current diet fad, the newest exercise machine and the new sports gym and exercise facility may help in shedding off some extra pounds but the moment the novelty wears off and you go back to your usual routine, you will regain the lost weight and gain some more. This “yo-yo” effect  will ultimately disrupt the physiological signals of our body.

The saying, “Mothers know best” may apply for these weight loss tips that are guaranteed, tried and tested over the years.

Don’t buy new clothes

When your clothes start to be a tight fit, don’t hurry up to the nearest boutique to buy new clothes. Head off instead to the nearest gym or start exercising to lose the weight gained and start monitoring your food intake to control your appetite.

Wear fitting clothes

Clothes are like molds of our body. If they fit right, our body will be confined and shaped according to its mold and stay right there. The comfort and freedom of loose clothes makes our body expand up to where it gets constricted. Loose clothes don’t make us aware that our arms, waists, hips and thighs are already getting wider. So, wear clothes that show your figure, a trim waist. Snap on a belt to gather your waist; don’t get used to garterized waistlines. Wear girdles to discipline your tummy not to balloon out of proportion. The corsets and girdles  worn by queens and princesses of long ago, surely is convincing enough for you to yearn for those waistline that can be encircled with their prince’s arms.

Don’t sit or sleep after eating

Sitting or sleeping after a heavy meal adds to the love handles and saddlebags. Do you know that pigs lie down when they are full? Don’t be like the meal that you just ate, take a stroll for at least 15 minutes to help the digestion process and decrease the flab.

Drink something warm after meals

Have you ever wondered why Chinese and Japanese ladies are so slim? Their   custom of drinking hot tea after meals helps in keeping them fit because the hot or warm fluid prevents oily foods from coagulating and turning into fat deposits unlike cold water and beverages.

You don’t have to eat it all

When you are already full, don’t over stuff yourself so as to get the most of your money’s worth while eating out with large servings or buffet service. Curb your appetite, so it will not ruin your attire.

Move that body!

Exercise may not propel you to jiggle your body, but the vision resulting from a saying; “if you don’t use it, you will lose it,” may  just be the right kick in the butt  for you to make an effort in making your body move once in awhile to sweat out the excess calories you have accumulated.  A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are sure ways of piling up pounds after pounds of unsightly, flabby arms, protruding  tummies and sagging butts. A brisk walk, 30 minutes per day for at least 4 times a week is good enough than nothing at all.

Losing weight and maintaining it for keeps is a great challenge indeed, but don’t give up easily because you can’t lose the pounds that you have accumulated for years in just a week or a month of exercise and diet. Be realistic with your weight loss goals and be consistent with your efforts and soon you will notice the results.

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