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Reading is my favorite past time and writing comes in a close second if  I’m not creating something from a recyclable item or just any craft that conjures that imaginary bulb to pop up in my mind and makes my creative juices flowing.

Writing makes me learn of  new things I wouldn’t have known if  I was not being paid to write about a subject.

I will admit I’m not at all techie about cellphones, smartphones, apps, iPads, laptops or whatever my young nieces, nephew and yuppies are raving about.  This for me is just plain commercialism, technical advancement growing so fast you have to dispose what is just barely old to purchase something new to keep up with the fad.

The folly of youth, not yet learning how to value money and save while they are still young enough to earn much. Oh well, they have to learn how to pull themselves out from their own sand pits, although parents and aunties are just an arm away to pull them up if needed and summoned.

Anyways, I was going to write about the joys of  writing not about the perils of  youthful spending on technical gadgets.

So here goes, last year without meaning to, I learned vicariously about  QR codes, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft’s 2011 Christmas promo the new horoscope date, spas, esoteric studies, Australian recipes and now about GPS tracking devices and sales coaching.

Oh my, how wonderful to be able to spin words and come up with something worth reading without actually being an expert on it. Although it takes me a lot of  time to compose an article after reading 5-10 references to be credible enough and know how to cite references to pass Copyscape, it is exhilarating after I finally finish my write-up and someone appreciates my efforts and pays me for it!

Aside from the monetary pleasure, though writing like reading broadens up the four corners of  my room, leading me into a world that was once virtually unknown to something I already know and enjoy.  Although, I’m still not a convert to the techie gadget’s fans club, nor have I turned into a sales guru ( haha … wishful thinking ) I am now conversant with many things, well at least the subjects I had the opportunity to write about.

Writing stretches and flexes my 50 plus brain cells and gray matter to make it supple enough to remember the almost forgotten English vocabulary, spelling, grammar lessons, idioms, metaphors I learned more than 30 years ago.  The punctuation rules is a dim memory, unfortunately.

Aye,  writing is an exercise of  the brain to fend off  the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease just like doing crossword puzzles and Rubik’s cube.

Okay, I’m done with my brain exercise for the day, till next time …


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